Loire à Vélo Map

Loire à Vélo is a cycle-tourism trail some 800km in length, stretching from Cuffy (near Nevers) to St Brévin-les-Pins (Loire-Atlantique). 

Access our interactive map and display the Loire à Vélo route.

Balade à vélo entre Rilly et Chaumont-sur-Loire Balade à vélo entre Rilly et Chaumont-sur-Loire © J. Damase

The route will lead you across two historic regions and six ‘départements’, with an array of landscapes and sites of interest matched only by the diversity of our rich regional produce.

 Every kilometre is packed with options for walks and bike rides.

Whether you’re looking for a short ride, a longer tour or a holiday in a specific area, Loire à Vélo has something for everybody!

 Along the length of the route, the trail alternates between designated cycle tracks and small roads with limited traffic, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the Loire valley first-hand and stress-free.

Follow the flow of the river towards the ocean, or head upstream towards its source? Both options are possible, with the route marked out in both directions. Just follow the signs!

Easy riding

Simple family rides along the Loire à Vélo route

Promenade vélo en famille à Saint-Dyé sur les bords de Loire Promenade vélo en famille à Saint-Dyé sur les bords de Loire © E. Mangeat

The Loire à vélo gives you the chance to take your family for a ride on routes which have been designed with safety in mind and where you and your children will be able to take to your bikes at your own pace.

There are some short distance routes to make things a little easier for your little ones. It's a moment to enjoy with your family, to get some good fresh air and admire the gorgeous scenery in its natural protected setting.

Longer trips

Longer stages on the Loire à Vélo route

Port de plaisance de Briare Port de plaisance de Briare © J. Damase

Take a look here at suggestions for stages from the whole route of the Loire à vélo. Depending on what you feel you can physically cope with, on the degree of difficulty and your interests, you can choose the sections that you want to do. The more intrepid among you can arrange a longer trip to allow you to explore several sections which will take you along the Loire and past its châteaux, right up to the Atlantic coast.

Holiday breaks

Take a break with Loire à Vélo, for a weekend or more…

Bouchemaine Bouchemaine © J.D Billaud / Nautilus

A moment of tranquillity to share together. Enjoy a bicycle break, at your own pace, along the banks of the Loire, to visit any one of the numerous heritage sites which are to be found around the royal river (châteaux, gardens…).

The routes suggested have been designed to enable you to explore or revisit the treasures of the Loire Valley, over reasonable distances of 25 to 50 km.