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Boucle La Loire à Vélo à Saint-Nazaire

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By rlegras, on 18/05/2016

From Saint-Nazaire  train station, discover the estuary of the Loire via a nice loop on the Loire à Vélo itinerary. When you reach Escal'Atlantic, from the roof of the “Espadon” submarine, an amazing panorama awaits you : you discover the artwork of Felice Varini on the port’s buildings, the old pier, the channel, the Saint-Brevin coast on the other bank of the Loire, and terminals where the "most beautiful ships in the world” are built. This is where the last wild river in Europe ends its long course flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. To travel between Saint-Nazaire and Saint-Brevin, we would advise you to take the Lila shuttle or contact one of the taxi companies which carry bikes. (See: Access to the route section - Train).

  • Distance : 10.2 Km
  • Duration of the trail : 1 h

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