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By lav, on 24/08/2011

The route starts in Briare, a thriving centre of river tourism renowned for its famous canal-bridge, and takes you as far as Sully-sur-Loire with its unique medieval château. Ride through the heart of nature, with only the wild Loire and its green banks for company. Discover the village of Brisson-sur-Loire, with its old feudal château overlooking the Val de Loire, and catch sight of the château of Anne de Beaujeu in Gien, standing proudly overlooking the valley. And don’t miss the opportunity to stop off in the town, widely renowned for its pottery. You then follow the course of the Loire, before breaking away from the river only to meet it once again and continue downstream to Sully-sur-Loire.

  • Distance : 43,6 km
  • Duration of the trail : 4 h 15

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