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Saumur / St-Rémy-la-Varenne

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By lav, on 24/08/2011

After Saumur, the trail continues along the river as far as Cunault. The route is dotted with pretty little towns, a remarkable architectural heritage set in stone. Leaving Cunault, the trail leaves the banks of the Loire and heads through the woods to the lake at Joreau, before descending into Gennes. The route then rejoins the banks of the Loire, continuing until Saint-Rémy-La Varenne. Traffic flow between Chênehutte and Cunaut: in the direction Saumur/Gennes, follow the trail along the banks of the Loire; in the direction Gennes/Saumur, take the hillside route.

  • Distance : 32 km
  • Duration of the trail : 3 h

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