Who are we?

We are a collection of regional official tourist organisations. Our job is to develop tourism in our respective regions and promote them throughout France and internationally. We work in partnership with each other when we share common assets and sectors, such as the “Loire à Vélo” initiative, an interregional cycle route which crosses two regions: Centre-Val de Loire and Pays de la Loire.

The Loire Valley Tourist Board (CRT Centre-Val de Loire)

Under the authority of the Centre-Val de Loire Regional Council, and under the guidance of Mr Pierre-Alain ROIRON, Regional Councillor, the Loire Valley Tourist Board is responsible for developing and marketing the region’s tourist industry. The Loire Valley Tourist Board concentrates its efforts around five major tourist ‘brands’: Châteaux de la Loire, Loire à Vélo, Loire Valley, Berry and Touraine.
To this end, we operate a regional marketing strategy founded on two key priorities: Internet and press relations.
We also survey and assess the satisfaction levels of customers and partners.

Our main goals:

  • Ensure affective promotion and marketing of the Centre-Val de Loire region and its assets, across the various different markets,
  • Coordinate and manage the specialist sectors supported by the Regional Sustainable Tourist Strategy
  • Run economic observation operations on the tourist industry, and closely monitor the sector’s marketing, management and dissemination of information documents (inc. photos, press reviews etc.),
  • Contribute to the regular updating of the regional tourism information database, with help from internet resources, and manage the internal information system.

The Société Publique Régionale des Pays de la Loire

The Société Publique Régionale des Pays de la Loire’s objectives and missions in the tourism sector

  • Developing innovation

The Pays de la Loire Regional Council has entrusted the Société Publique Régionale des Pays de la Loire with the task of fostering development of innovation in the tourism sector.
It does this by acting in support of the various branches of the sector, and also by bringing in players in the fields of education and research, and from the business world.
All forms of innovation are concerned, including product innovation, commercial innovation and social innovation.

  • Supporting the ecological transformation of tourism

Continuing on from work carried out on “green” transport (by bicycle or on horseback in particular), the Société Publique Régionale’s task is to develop practices favouring the environment and support projects promoted by players in the field.

  • Developing the area’s attractiveness in the eyes of tourists

The Société Publique Régionale des Pays de la Loire carries out segmented actions (by theme or based on tourism sector brands) aimed at specific targets and making use of appropriate tools (the Internet, press relations, etc.), and makes full use of partnerships in its promotional actions in order to increase their impact and effectiveness.

Our activities


  • Supporting activation and structuring of tourism sector branches and development of collective projects,
  • Supporting Regional Innovation Platforms.

Promotion of the area and tourism sector branches by means of:

  • events (exhibitions, colloquiums, etc.),
  • press relations (hosting of journalists, press releases, press files and press conferences)
  • communication plans (publications, websites, etc.)


  • Project management of the Regional Tourism Observatory (ORT)
A local public company at the service of the Pays de la Loire economy

Action fostering tourism is one of the Société Publique Régionale’s missions. The company’s capital is held in full by local authorities. Active throughout Pays de la Loire, it implements regional strategies for economic development and supports innovative projects in collaboration with regional economic players.

Our objectives and missions:

  • Developing economic activity in Pays de la Loire by lending support to companies active in the area’s strategic sectors, one of which is tourism
  • Supporting innovation in all sectors
  • Fostering development of new design and sustainable economy technologies
  • Enabling the Region and its six partner communities to share the use of a tool to assist in decision-making – the Regional Economic and Social Observatory (ORES).