Château of Angers

Château d'Angers - J.D Billaud / Nautilus Château of Angers

Behind its high walls, the world’s largest tapestry

Halt there! With a kilometre of high walls and 17 towers looking down onto the Maine River over 30 metres below, the message of the colossal Château of Angers is very clear. But behind the defences of these high stone walls built on the orders of Saint-Louis in 1230, the picture is a very different one.

The refined hanging gardens remind us that we are in a land of plenty here, and in the birthplace of the French formal garden. And in the gallery of the Château, another masterpiece of patience and detail attracts visitors. 107 metres long and 4.5 metres high, the Tapestry of the Apocalypse ordered in 1375 by Duke Louis I of Anjou is the largest Mediaeval tapestry in the world.


Angers - 49100

porte des champs

Construite au XIIIè siècle, la forteresse comporte 17 tours de schiste et de tuffeau et surplombe la Maine qui lui sert de défense naturelle. Résidence des ducs d'Anjou aux XIV et XVe siècles, elle s'orne alors de bâtiments et de jardins, où prend place, du temps du Roi René, u (...)