Château of Chinon

Forteresse royale de Chinon en cours de restauration (mars 2009) - Franck Badaire - CG 37 Château of Chinon

Where Joan of Arc met her king

It was within the walls of the Château of Chinon that Joan of Arc finally met her king, Charles VII, in 1429. But ancient as the Royal Fortress of Chinon may be, it has something of a new feel at the moment after an ambitious 6-year restoration project and with the addition of the latest in museum display technologies. For example, augmented reality screens display a 3D reconstitution of certain parts of the Château that no longer exist today. Even the stretches of wall that have not been reconstructed have plenty of tales to tell!

Royal Fortress of Chinon

Chinon - 37500

Forteresse_Royale_Chinon_Credit_Jean-Christophe_Coutand (2)

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The fortress, with its majestic position overlooking the town, built by Count Thibaut I of Blois, invites the visitor into the heart of France’s and England’s history. The court of Henry II Plantagenet and Eleanor of Aquitaine was established here in the 12th century.

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