Château of Le Clos Lucé in Amboise

Le Clos Lucé : l'hélicoptère conçu par Léonard de Vinci et le manoir en arrière-plan - C. Mouton Château of Le Clos Lucé in Amboise

Last home of Leonardo da Vinci

The genius of Leonardo da Vinci worked wonders in all domains, as you can see here in the very place where he spent the last years of his extraordinary existence. Visitors can make their way around some fifty reproductions of machines he invented and some thirty of his most famous paintings...

To present this symbol of the incredible progress and discovery of the Renaissance period, Le Clos Lucé must also innovate and change. The Château has therefore just inaugurated Leonardo’s Garden: 1.5 hectares reproducing the landscapes of his time with plantations of old plant species. This new area shows how the brilliant Italian drew his inspiration from Nature in his research... and sought to enjoy the benefit of its beauty. A perfect example is the two-level wooden bridge designed by Da Vinci and built to scale in the grounds by the craftsmen of the "Compagnons du Devoir".

Château of Clos Lucé - Leonardo da Vinci Park

Amboise - 37400


From 13.50 €

Tour of Leonardo da Vinci’s house. New! His restored studios! Explore Renaissance rooms, murals by his students and 40 models of his fabulous machines. Introductory journey on the landscaped trail, real outdoor museum featuring 20 models and canvases as well as 8 audio points (early (...)

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