Medieval château of Oudon

Château médiéval d'Oudon Medieval château of Oudon

The Tower tells the tale of the Loire

The Tower of Oudon is perched on a rocky outcrop from where river traffic could be watched.

For many years, it was an essential link in the defences of the Duchy of Brittany and its capital, Nantes. Then the castle passed into the hands of the Condé family who neglected it.

It became National Property at the time of the French Revolution and was close to ruin when it was listed as a historic monument in 1866 and restored. Today, it no longer keeps watch over the river, but the keep still offers one of the finest panoramic views along its course. Visitors can admire the setting and also illuminations and shows telling the eventful history of the river.

The Loire, between Oudon and Champtoceaux


Oudon - 44521

Vue du Port

Le 13 mai 1392, le Duc de Bretagne autorise son fidèle allié, Alain de Malestroit, Seigneur d'Oudon à élever un donjon fortifié sur les ruines d'un ancien château médiéval. Campée sur son éperon rocheux, dominant la Loire, la Tour constitue une importante pièce défensive su (...)