The château of Serrant

Château de Serrant - S. Bonniol / Visuelles The château of Serrant

An exceptional library

The Château of Serrant has grown over the years, but always true to its style.

From Péan de Brie who had it built in elegant Renaissance fashion in the 16th century through to the Prince and Princess of Mérode, the current owners, all have preserved its architectural harmony. Inside, from the kitchens to the grand apartments, the furnishings, paintings and tapestries bear testimony to the history of the place. The Château has preserved a famous sculpted ebony cabinet (with recesses and drawers) inlaid with ivory, one of the few pieces of its type anywhere in the world.

After its extensive grounds and lakes, Serrant owes its reputation to its outstanding library: 12,000 old books, including an original edition of the Encyclopaedia by philosophers Diderot and D'Alembert.