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Neanderthals, Gauls and Joan of arc

Neanderthal man and the Gauls have left their marks here, but it was particularly in the early 12th century that the city enjoyed its boom years, when the bridge was built over the Loire.

It has a lovely motto it has kept over the centuries: Manibus date lilia plenis, which could be translated by “give handfuls of flowers”!

The town was conquered by the English and then taken back by Joan of Arc. It was also the venue of several councils to resolve the marital misfortunes and misdeeds of the Kings of France in the Middle Ages. Today it is much more peaceful, however and counts among the “Loveliest Detours in France”.

Abbatiale Notre Dame

Beaugency - 45190

Abbatiale Notre-Dame de Beaugency


Undoubtedly one of the most impressive religious sites in Loiret. Built in the late 11th century, the Notre Dame abbey-church was reconstructed during the 17th century after several religious wars.

Hôtel de Ville de Beaugency

Beaugency - 45190

(c) Hôtel de Ville - D. Daury - Office de Tourisme de Beaugency - 2

Such a magnificent façade is hard to ignore! With a balanced combination of Italian Renaissance architectural features and local traditions, this 16th century town hall sports a most elegant style.

Les Rives de Beaugency

Beaugency - 45190

Les rives de Beaugency

This natural site offers, just a step from the city, a succession of colors, smells, forms, noises and atmospheres, since the natural or grazed meadows, by way of the afforestations and the fallow land to the wild, until the strikes of the Loire...