Eurovélo 6

With a bit of ambition and endurance, you can take on Eurovelo 6, the trans-European cycle route. It follows three of Europe’s great rivers (the Loire, Rhine and Danube), and links the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea over a distance of almost 3,600 km.

Carte itinéraire Eurovélo 6 Carte itinéraire Eurovélo 6

Eurovelo 6 is one of the twelve itineraries that make up the Eurovelo network created at the initiative of the European Cyclists Federation (ECF) in 1994. In time, the route will be entirely signposted, secure and equipped with all the tourist facilities cycle tourists need.

The aim is to show visitors that there is an exceptional environment within easy reach just waiting to be discovered by bike, and also to be protected. The itinerary takes cyclists through uniquelandscapes but also architectural and culturalheritage like no other.

Discover Eurovelo 6, the cycle route from Atlantic to Black Sea

How to get onto Eurovelo 6 from the Loire à Vélo route?

Nothing could be simpler: just follow the Loire!

Saint-Brevin and the Loire Estuary are “kilometre 0” of Eurovelo 6. When you reach the end of the journey along the Loire (in Nevers), you can carry on eastwards via Burgundy, Franche-Comté, Alsace and Basel to join the Radweg (cycle track) along the Rhine then the Danube.

You will cross:

  • Switzerland
  • German Bavaria,
  • Austria,
  • Slovakia,
  • Hungary,
  • Serbia,
  • Croatia,
  • Bulgaria,
  • Romania.